One North Park Plaza Brownsville, Texas 78521 (956) 542-7444 (Tel) (956) 548-2057 (Fax)

APRIL 15, 2009

BORN: January 19, 1935 in Brownsville, Texas

EDUCATION: Graduated from Brownsville High School in 1953. Attended Texas Southmost College from 1953 until 1954. Graduated from Texas A&M University in 1957 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy.

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MILITARY RECORD: Served eight (8) years in the Texas National Guard; attended Army Basic Training at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas; attended Army Armor Basic Training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. (Was chosen "Outstanding Armor Trainee" at Fort Knox).

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MARITAL STATUS: Married former Sandra Longoria, daughter of Mexico Industrialist and Banker Shelby J. Longoria, June 28, 1964 in Brownsville, Texas.

CHILDREN: Cassandra Leonor Yturria Wolfe (August 6, 1965). Shelby Theriot Yturria (19661983). Fausto Yturria, III (December 6, 1968).

RELIGION: Catholic, Sacred Heart Church, Brownsville, Texas. Former member of Parish Board of Directors. Former member of Parish Building Committee. Member of St. Peter's Church in San Antonio, Texas

OWNER: Yturria Cattle Company (Cattle Ranching Operations)

MAJORITY OWNER: North Park Plaza Shopping Center, Brownsville, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: JP Morgan Chase Bank-Rio Grande Valley (1971-2002)

FOUNDER AND FORMER DIRECTOR: Valley Greyhound Park, Harlingen, Texas (1989-1994)

FORMER CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: 1987 Cameron County Greyhound Racing Task Force

FOUNDER AND FORMER CHAIRMAN: Plaza National Bank, Harlingen, Texas (1972-1974)

INCORPORATOR: Sunrise Bank, Brownsville, Texas (1975)

OWNER: Oil and Gas Properties in Cameron, Willacy, Kenedy, Hidalgo and Starr Counties

BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Autry Western of Heritage Museum, Los Angeles, California

FORMER DIRECTOR: Cowboy Artists of America Museum, Kerrville, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: Board of Trustees of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Foundation

FORMER DIRECTOR: Witte Museum, San Antonio, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: The Coastal Bend Regional Water Planning Group, Corpus Christi, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: University of Texas Cancer Foundation, Houston, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: Methodist Hospital Foundation, San Antonio, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: Marine Science Institute Council of the University of Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: Marine Military Academy Board of Trustees, Harlingen, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: Valley Zoological Society-Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR: Game Conservation lnternational-Vice-President and Member of Executive Committee

FORMER DIRECTOR AND PRESIDENT: Brownsville Economic Development Foundation, Brownsville, Texas

FORMER DIRECTOR AND PRESIDENT: Brownsville Historical Society, Brownsville, Texas

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FORMER CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Cameron County Park Commission (1967-1974)

University of Texas Health Science Center Development

FORMER MEMBER: St. Mary's Hall School Board of Trustees, San Antonio, Texas

FORMER MEMBER: Rice Center for Community Design and Research-Texas Gulf Coast Program Advisory Board

FORMER MEMBER: Baylor College of Dentistry Board of Trustees

FORMER MEMBER: Public Utilities Board, Brownsville, Texas (1970-1974)

FORMER MEMBER: Rio Grande Valley Boy Scouts Council

FORMER MEMBER: Charro Days, Inc. Board of Directors, Brownsville, Texas

FORMER MEMBER: Mr. Amigo Association Board of Directors, Brownsville, Texas

FORMER MEMBER: Brownsville Chapter of Jaycees

FORMER MEMBER: South Texas Regional Studies Center Advisory Board

FORMER MEMBER: Texas Supreme Court Justice Committee, Austin, Texas

FORMER MEMBER: Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, San Antonio, Texas (SousCommanderie de Southern Texas)

PAST-PRESIDENT: Shikar Safari Club International, 2000-2001

LIFE MEMBER: East African Wildlife Society

LIFE MEMBER: National Rifle Association

LIFE MEMBER: Republican National Committee, Washington, D.C.

LIFE MEMBER: Safari Club International

HONORARY MEMBER: International Professional Hunter's Association

HONORARY MEMBER: Professionals Hunter's Association of South Africa

HONORARY MEMBER: African Professional Hunter's Association (Certificate #1)

MEMBER: The Order of the Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

MEMBER: San Antonio County Club

MEMBER: Club Giraud, San Antonio, Texas

MEMBER: The Argyle Club, San Antonio, Texas

MEMBER: The Lintheads, New York, NY

MEMBER: Rancho Viejo Country Club, Brownsville, Texas

MEMBER: Professional Hunter's Club of Zambia

MEMBER: Dallas Safari Club

MEMBER: The Texas Order of St. Hubertus

MEMBER: The Pilon Club, San Antonio, Texas

MEMBER: Social Register of New York

MEMBER: The Association of Former Students of Texas A&M University (Gold) for the past 36 years